• At B&B Ristorante we believe knowing where your food comes from and building a relationship with the people that make, grow or catch that food is the most important factor to a great meal. This is why we love working with Jimmy and the Gulfish team, because they put their name and reputation behind their product 100% and that means that we always get the best and nothing less

  • We have been buying from Gulfish for almost 6 years. The passion and commitment they have for not only the products they offer, but the culture and waters from which they come is absolutely unmatched.

  • I love the shrimp from Gulfish. Mostly we fry them, but we also like using the heads and shells for making stock for risotto, or a broth to go with ravioli filled with chopped shrimps, herbs, and a bit of butter. Sweet!

  • I love the product that I get from Gulfish. That we can get pristine Southern Seafood 6 days a week on the West Coast is a true blessing. Jimmy's Southern Hospitality is a pleasure to work with and I hope to continue to work with his seafood for many years to come.

  • I love getting the weekly emails that tell me what they're bringing fresh and special. We're getting things that no one else has, and that's really cool

  • The Gulfish crew are some of the easiest people to work with and very informative. If I have any questions about the product anybody from the driver on up to Jimmy can educate me on what I need to know

  • Gulfish has become my one and only seafood vendor for fresh seafood from the gulf

  • I wouldn't dare serve our shrimp etouffee, NOLA barbecue shrimp, or fried shrimp po'boy with anything but fresh gulf shrimp from Gulfish.

  • Gulfish is a high quality company with a whole lot of heart and soul